Fallen Linemen Golf Tournament Rules

The format is “Captain’s Choice”, also known as the Carolina Scramble.

In this format, each team member hits a tee shot. The team then selects one of those shots to be played. From that spot each player then plays a shot and best is selected again through completion of hole.

  • Men play the WHITE tees.
  • Seniors (65+) use YELLOW tees.
  • Women play the RED tees.
  • Shots from the fairway, rough and hazards can be played within one club length, no closer to the hole, of the selected ball as long as the shots remain in the same area (i.e. if the original ball is in the rough or a hazard, all other shots must be in the rough or hazard).

And of course, there are some special Barry & Kevin rules to make it a little more interesting.

Note: if purchased at registration ($10 for a mulligan and red tee) you will get the following:

  • Each male player gets to take one tee shot from a ladies tee.
  • Each player is entitled to 1 mulligan (If purchased) to be used anywhere on golf course but cannot be used towards any “Close – up” prizes and Long Drive contests.
  • Each female player (for their Red Tee) gets to add a ‘throw’ to one of her tee shots. From the spot the tee shot lands, she can pick it up and throw it.

Additional Prize opportunity (50/50) — For an additional $10, all players may participate in a 50/50 drawing at the conclusion of the tournament.